People of the Tribes: Meet Jason.

Tue, Jun 18, 2019

Hi, I’m Jason Mitchell from Jason Mitchell Fitness. I’m a local Personal Trainer from Galway and have worked in the fitness industry for five years. My passion lies in helping clients achieve their health and fitness related goals, whatever that might be but for the main part is weight loss which is what I specialize in. I’ve just started Outdoor Bootcamp classes for the summer here in the city for the third summer in a row. I practice what I preach by working out 5-6 times per week along with attending a local yoga class once a week and playing some tag rugby for fun when I can! I love working with people from Galway and further afield online. Thanks for reading, Jason.

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People of the Tribes: Meet Ciarán.

Wed, May 29, 2019

Hi, my name is Ciaran Kenny I am originally from Kilbarrack the Northside of Dublin. I played football & hurling from a very early age with my club Naomh Barrog GAA Club. I went on to coach the future & next generation in my club where I'm still heavily involved as I was elected onto the executive 2 years ago. Sorry, Galway, it is all about your parish!

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People of the Tribes: Meet Michael.

Mon, May 13, 2019

''I'm Michael, from Tipp but live in Galway city, consumed by human flight, skydiving, base jumping, wingsuits etc. Quiet reserved, I've got an old soul really. The living reincarnates of Christopher Walken even though he's still alive.''

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People of the Tribes: Meet Jody.

Tue, Apr 30, 2019

Hi, I'm Jody Mullakey. I'm originally from Sligo town, but I've been living here for the last 23 years. I paint, write poetry and I also sing. I'm obsessed lately with the law of attraction and the power of visualisation, that you can actually attract what you see in your mind and feel in your heart, and vibrate it to yourself. I'm Aspergic, people call it autistic but it's not, it's more of heightened awareness of things, a heightened way of seeing and feeling reality. It makes me a bit odd, but it connects me deeper to my chi. I love Galway, I truly love the carefree attitude of the people and the fun that they have. I like the energy, it's uplifting and humorous. Don't be shy the next time you see me performing!!

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People of the Tribes: Meet Danielle Holian

Tue, Apr 23, 2019

Hi! I’m Danielle Holian. I’m a Galway girl. I dabble into a variety of different creative media fields of journalism, photography, songwriting, marketing, and I have just released a debut book of poetry.

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People of the Tribes: Meet Marguerite.

Tue, Apr 16, 2019

I always wanted to follow my heart in life. It was just one of those things. I studied biochemistry and then psychology, but something was missing. I loved what I did, but I wasn't in love with it. I suppose, one day I just said to myself, if you are going to really find your thing, you better do it now. Time is moving along. I just did it. I don't know why, but I switched on the laptop and wrote a children's book.

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People of the Tribes: Meet Malgosia, Wojtek & Blanka

Mon, Apr 01, 2019

“We met 12 years ago, when I came to Ireland on holidays. After going back to Poland he was calling, texting and annoying me, so we met in France a month later and that's when it all started. I quit my job, packed my bags and moved over to Galway. Two years later we got married in Clarinbridge and had an amazing wedding party in O'Connors Bar in Salthill. Galway became our home and we couldn’t imagine a better place to have a family. In 2008, Blanka was born. We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary recently and we feel that each of us grew so much as we always pushed one another to do and achieve more in our lives. We always respected each other for who we are and gave each other strength to be true to ourselves when others thought otherwise. Marriage requires love, respect & patience. There are two people in a relationship and both are equally needed for it to succeed.”

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People of the Tribes: Meet Alex.

Mon, Mar 25, 2019

Hello, my name is Alex Browne. I am 16 years old and I have been living in Galway my entire life. I originally lived in Corrach Buí, but then I moved to Manusflynn in the country when I was around five. I do not remember much about Corrach Buí because I was so young and it was such a long time ago. The one thing I do remember is the colourful neighbours I had while living in Corrach Buí. They all had very unique personalities that made them all stick out, a quite common character trait for Galway people. Manusflynn, where I currently live is just as lovely as Corrach Buí, it is quite a small area next to Charlistrane and Headford. It is home to a few farmers, and all though I myself am not a farmer, this did not stop the farmers from greeting me with hospitality when I first moved in, this is a prime example of the caring people that reside in Galway.

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People of the Tribes: Meet Helen.

Tue, Mar 19, 2019

Hi Helen, here from the Banner County. My Grandfather came from Patch, Glenmaddy so I have a big connection with Galway. This year I’m celebrating 10 years in this friendly and most charming City waxing the men and women of the West in my Salon ‘Elure Beauty’ on the Docks. Having graduated from RTC Galway as a Chef I worked in Kirwans Lane Restaurant which I thoroughly enjoyed. This really spurred on my love for gastronomy for which Galway is now famed for and makes living in the city a delight. After spending a few years travelling I changed my career to Beauty Therapy. Having qualified in Beauty Therapy I returned to Australia to specialise in waxing. To my delight I came second in Image Magazine ‘Best Hair Removal’ category soon after opening in Galway. I fell in love with the buskers, friendliness, food and craic of Galway City. I love every day here especially the stories and laughs I share with my clients. Being on the Wild Atlantic Way just tops off this unique City. No greater place on Earth. I am so proud of my Galway heritage and being associated with the City of the Tribes. Gallimh Abu

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People of the Tribes: Meet Mitch.

Tue, Mar 12, 2019

I am a Galway lad through and through. Made the big move in from the parish (Moycullen) a few years ago. Now living in the heart of the city, I truly have fallen in love with this place once again. Most of all,I love the music scene full of quality Bands, DJ's and excellent comedy. With all the festivals and the gigs lined up for this summer, I can wait to see what Galway 20/20 brings. Hon the parish..

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People of the Tribes: Meet Teddy

Tue, Feb 26, 2019

I first came to Galway when I was five years old. I was visiting in the dead of winter on holiday from America. I was shocked immediately by the lack of snow and how green everything still was. Unfortunately, I don’t remember too much because I was five but I remember being enchanted by the lush green environment and the very visible history still present.

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People of the Tribes: Meet Lorcan.

Wed, Feb 13, 2019

My name is Lorcan Boulter. I'm a drummer and an artist from Athenry. My newfound passion in life is busking on Shop Street. For me, it has opened up a channel of communication to a community of the most talented, fascinating humans I have ever encountered, both in the musicians, I jam with and in the multitude of people, I meet on the street.

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People of the Tribes: Meet Ross.

Tue, Feb 05, 2019

"The dream is to travel the world and work as a freelance journalist. I have been lucky enough to visit some great places and have great experiences. But no matter where I go and for how long I go, I always come back to Galway. The city has this amazing ability to suck you back. After I have visited everywhere I want to see, I know I will come back to Galway."

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People of the Tribes: Meet Arif.

Tue, Jan 29, 2019

"I arrived in Galway from Bangladesh in 2003. I fell in love with the city straight away. More importantly, I fell in love with the culture and the integration between the different communities. Galway is an amazing place to call home and I really enjoy working in the retail sector. Seeing my friendly customers makes me smile every day."

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People of the Tribes: Meet Robin.

Tue, Jan 22, 2019

''Hi I'm Robin. I'm originally from the Netherlands. I'm a busker in Galway, Kilkenny, Sligo & Letterkenny. I'm travelling all over the country playing great Irish ballads. I'm a big fan of the Dubliners and I'm currently writing my own material....''

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