How a bed can help create more space in your home

Instead of just fulfilling a single function of supporting a mattress, beds can also provide an extra storage space.

Some bed manufacturers create storage beds with an Ottoman divan or with installed drawers. The storage beds are very practical and helpful, as they offer extra room for many different things you just need to store somewhere. If you are short on space, it is worth seeking out various space-saving solutions, including a dual-purpose bed.

Ottoman beds are big upholstered boxes with storage underneath a mattress. A great advantage is that you will find more storage space in an Ottoman divan than in a standard sized wardrobe. The ottoman beds are ideal for heavier items that you don’t use too often such as spare duvets, pillows, blankets, bed linen, luggage, seasonal clothes or shoes, and other unused things. You can go for a matching headboard that will complement the whole bed.

Beds with a drawer base differ from the Ottoman base beds in how the storage space is accessed and the volume of the storage space. Drawer beds have divans with built-in sliding drawers and so you don’t lift up the mattress to deposit or put out items as you do with an Ottoman bed. You simply open and close the drawers. Beds with drawers are perfect to store personal items that you need every day such as some type of toiletries, jewellery, clothes, handbags, or books.

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