Online networking event to identify ways charities can continue in 2021

Galway Volunteer Centre to hold online forum next week to 'identify ways in which such groups can be supported'

Community fundraisers in Galway are being invited to take part in an online networking event to identify ways of ensuring community groups and charities are able to continue their activities in 2021.

The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions have made fund-raising and activities for many community and charity groups extremely difficult, to impossible to carry out. As a result, the Galway Volunteer Centre has organised this event, to take place on Wednesday November 25 at 11am.

A recent survey of more than 180 community organisations has shown that at least 70 per cent of organisations in Galway are uncertain about their ability to fund activities in 2021. The survey has revealed that more than half of the groups have cancelled fundraising events or campaigns, and many have also seen a dramatic drop in income.

A 'terrible year' for charity and voluntary groups

"These are very worrying results," said Donncha Foley, manager of the Galway Volunteer Centre. "Many of these groups provide extremely important services to our communities. Now they are not sure how they are going to continue after this terrible year."

As a result the centre is holding this online forum to identify ways in which such groups can be supported in 2021 and beyond. Those interested can attend by visiting or and registering for the event.


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