Lockdown abroad - Eduard Antoniu

Iasi, Romania

"I am extremely busy at home as usual lately, no time or place for boredom and not enough time to do what I want, just stressed out by idiotic noisy neighbours. I'm not leaving the house even if it is postatomic (except for just running away back to Galway again ) - I wish I never left it and now I cannot even run away back there.

"Love, stay safe, be well to my fellow deprived buskers Joel O'Neill, Niceol Blue, Moises Mas Garcia, and friends; Galway Street Club; Galway Buskers Community; to my open mic night hosts Ollie Keogh, Liam Carroll, their families and friends; to the ladies at the Aran Woollen store; to my local TD/leader, Mairead Farrell; to the Galway Advertiser staff particularly Declan Varley, Kernan Andrews, and their families; to the Casserly family in Athenry; and to anyone else who remembers me from back in 2013 to 2014 and my brief visits in 2015, 2017, and 2018."


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