Lockdown abroad - Joanna Nolan

Madrid, Spain

"We spend our mornings doing work and worksheets with my daughter and playing with my baby. We do lots of crafts and listen to story telling everyday. We do baking, colouring, dancing, singing, writing songs, and board games.

"Positive impacts from the lockdown are we are spending more time together as a family obviously, which is great. My partner was working days and I was working evenings so it is good to spend so much time together again. Being with the children is great and we are getting to play games and do projects together that had been planned long ago but never actualised. Also every night at 8pm when we clap and cheer for the hospital staff and essential service workers, it gives me a great sense of community that I did not have before. I feel more connected to these people in the moment that we are divided from each other. There is a real sense of caring for one another.

"Negatively - we can't leave our home except to buy food or go to the pharmacy. My contract has been suspended from work. Our nearest hospital is already at breaking point so I just hope none of us need to go there because there's just no more equipment. We are living in a constant state of fear and worry but trying to put a brave face on for our children.

"I hope everyone stays safe and in their houses. It's not a big sacrifice to save lives."


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