Mob Wife - 'gonna be loud again'

Belfgast trio to play first NO!SE Promotions show of 2019

Mob Wife.

Mob Wife.

MOB WIFE, the Belfast noise rock/punk band who have been causing ripples of excitement since the release of their debut single 'Warm Water' last summer, are coming to Galway.

The band - Chris Leckey, Mark McDaid, and Carl Small - play the first NO!SE Promotions show of 2019 at the Róisín Dubh tomorrow night [Friday February 15] at 8pm. Exploring the dynamic tension between melody and discordance, Mob Wife take the guitar-rhythm interplay of classic post-hardcore outfits like Unwound and Drive Like Jehu and combine it with the sensitivity brought to the genre by Pile.

“'Warm Water' is the result of months of frustration and loss in trying to figure out what I wanted to do musically," Chris Leckey told The Thin Air. "After writing 'Warm Water' and bringing it to Carl and Mark, it became clear this was gonna happen and that it was gonna be loud again.”

Support is from Old Bean, Peach Creek, and Jack Keeshan. Admission is free.


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